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Past Beers


Q3 2022

Citrus Blonde- Enjoy this crisp and bread-y blonde ale that balances perfectly with a medley of Rincon Mountain citrus zest. The ideal beer to crack open and enjoy while soaking in the last bits of warm weather for the year.


Rincon Point Gose- Yes, that’s right, we used ocean water from Rincon Point in this beer. But don’t fret. The water was filtered and boiled for an extended length of time. Traditionally, Gose beer was brewed in Goslar, Germany, using water from the local salty river. Inspired by this tradition, we decided to use our own local salty body of water to replicate this traditional beer. 

Stoltman's Wee HeavyOur Headbrewer, Edward Darren, is a fan of the World's Strongest Man Competition. This past year, he visited Sacramento to see the competition live. He met and chatted with his favorite athletes, including the Stoltman Brothers from Scotland. At the end of the competition, Tommy Stoltmen took home the title. Inspired by his trip, Edward Darren decided to brew a Scotch Ale in dedication to Tommy and his serious strength. 

Q2 2022

Belgian Session Ale-  Sometimes, we want to drink a delicious Belgian without being so dang high in alcohol. That's
why we came up with this beer. It maintains all the lovable qualities of a Belgian beer with a lower session-able ABV.

Hefeweizen- With our estate wheat production increasing annually on the farm, we wanted to create a beer that showed off this ingredient. A simple and traditional German-style Hefeweizen beer made sense, with almost 50% of the malt profile featuring our estate-grown wheat.

Moscow Mule- Adding to the line-up of our cocktail-inspired beer series is the beloved Moscow Mule. We used a lager beer as our base recipe. Fresh ginger was added during the boil and secondary fermentation to replicate the ginger beer quality in the cocktail. We also picked limes and added their peels to secondary fermentation.

Q1 2022

Harvest Blend 2021- Each year, we produce a harvest blend that collides with the fermentation worlds we immerse ourselves in – brewing and winemaking. This Kolsch beer blends well with our freshly fermented and popular 2021 Rincon Mountain Rose wine. We blended a light beer with a light wine to create this refreshing springtime beer.

Orange Chocolate- This beer was inspired by chocolate orange candy – you know, the one where you slam it on a table and it breaks into chocolate orange slices? We used cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and lactose for the milk chocolate element and estate oranges in secondary fermentation for that classic orange flavor. We think we hit the nail on the head with this one.

Elderflower Tripel- This is a Smoke Mountain classic pulled out of the old recipe binder that’s collecting dust in the corner of the brewery. The subtle perfume-like flavor of elderflower pair surprisingly well with this spicy and fruity Belgian-style beer

Q4 2021

Farm Strong- Inspired by the traditional Belgian Duvel beer that our brewing team loves so much, we created this strong, yet refreshing, golden strong ale. Coming in at 10.5% this beer can be deceiving with its smooth and fruity aromas.

Belgian Quad- A straightforward Quadruple Ale because, as you probably already know, we love Belgians. This beer is a classic Quad exhibiting rich notes of raisins, caramel, artisan bread, and spicy esters. Smooth and delicious.

Porcini Porter- Mushrooms in beer?! Yup! The porcini mushrooms' earthy and umami flavor profile pairs perfectly with this dark and savory porter. We recommend enjoying this beer with a juicy BBQ steak or a hearty winter stew.

Q3 2021

The DudeA White Russian cocktail-themed beer. This beer is a white stout base recipe with lactose milk sugar, coffee, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs. 

Fig Leaf- Back by popular demand, our Fig Leaf beer is a delicious fall treat. Estate Fig Leaves were used to impart a nutty and rich coconut flavor that pairs beautifully with this refreshing honey blonde ale.

Tripel- We brewed this straightforward Belgian beer, well, because we love Belgians and we think our malt plays well with Belgian styles. This beer possesses a refreshing quality, yet at the same time is complex, bread-y, and has lots of spicy phenols and fruity esters. 

Q2 2021 Release 

Macadamia Milk StoutInspired by the macadamia nut trees planted on Rincon Mountain almost 40 years ago, our homegrown, creamy, and delicious macadamia nuts pair perfectly with this luscious stout.

Estate KolschCrisp and refreshing, this Kolsch is the ideal beer to sip on during warm summer months. Old world meets new as we brewed this traditional German-style beer with our Central Coast hops and barley. 

Saison de Bayleaf- Saison-style beer using bay leaves from the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens. 


Q1 2021 Release

Estate Lager- Plain and simple never tasted so good. Lagers are the definition of clean and refreshing and they’re the quintessential warm weather beer. We recommend enjoying this beer after a long day of gardening or lounging around at the beach. 

Estate Hazy DIPA- We never thought we could make a beer this hazy with our estate malt, but holey moley did it turn out hazy! Edward Darren and Jill are sort of addicted to Hazy IPAs, and if you opened their beer fridge you would find Hazys dominate their selection. The goal was to create a beer that would fit nicely in line with their everyday drinking beers. 

Estate Schwarzbier- Schwarzbier translates to “black beer” in German. This style of beer follows a similar recipe to your typical lager but is dark in color. It encompasses everything that makes lagers great—light-bodied, refreshing, and crisp—but has black malt added which gives the beer slight notes of coffee and cocoa. It’s the perfect beer to reach for when you’re craving a stout or porter but don’t want the heaviness of these beers.

Q4 2020 Release 

Harvest Blend 2020- This wine/beer hybrid consists of 76% estate Saison and 24% Roussanne/Marsanne white wine blend. Roussanne/Marsanne grapes originate from the Rhône valley in France and are known to create bright wines with floral, citrus, and beeswax notes. This, blended with Saison’s crisp, bread-y, and estery profile, makes it a refreshing, yet full-bodied, annual harvest blend. 

Basically Wheaties- This beer is a wheat wine with 42% of the malt bill consisting of our estate wheat grown in Paso Robles. Aging this beer in a neutral barbera oak barrel for 90 days allowed it to breathe and smooth out —similar to barrel aging in the winemaking process. 

Q3 2020 Release 

White Rose: Inspired from a Rose Kombucha recipe, we wanted to brew a beer using fresh roses petals. And just our luck, there’s a farm off Foothill road in Carpinteria called Rose Story Farms—a gorgeous property bursting with roses. The rose flavor and aroma is subtle, yet present, in this delicate and delicious white ale.

Marzen: Enjoy this  rich and flavorful Märzen hailing from the Bavarian region in Germany.  Traditionally, this beer was served in Munich during the celebratory Oktoberfest  season in September/October. Although the grand ol’ Oktoberfest in Munich is cancelled this year, sit back and enjoy this beer in its honor.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo wood which translates to “holy wood” in Spanish, is grown around Central and South America. Historically, this wood was used to cleanse negative energy in spaces—similar to sage in North America. This uber fragrant wood contributes notes of pine, mint, and lemon that pairs nicely with the bready and rich caramel notes of this Biere de Garde-style beer.

Q2 2020 Release 

Stoutlicious- Toss your coffee with creamer aside and replace it with this beer for your next lazy weekend brunch. This luscious white stout sports aromas of chocolate, vanilla bean, and lightly roasted coffee. Brace yourself for a flavor bomb that’ll have you reaching for another pour.

Negroni- A negroni cocktail inspired beer. Hibiscus was used to impart color and an herbal character, blood oranges were picked and peeled to add a combination of fresh zest and bitterness from the pith, juniper berries were slightly crushed to impart flavors of gin, and oak chips were added for a smooth finish

Sweet Mountain Top- Our friends and neighbors, Mary & Rob, run Sweet Mountain Top Farm across the way from our brewery. They grow fresh medicinal herbs and turn them into tea blends and other killer products like herbal bouquets, salves, tinctures, and edible flower sprinkles. This beer is made with Mary’s Tranquil Tea Blend, featuring Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Anise Hyssop, and Chamomile—all grown on their two acre farm. 

Q1 2020 Release 

2019 Estate Harvest Blend- This beer is an 80% Saison and 20% Merlot hybrid. It's called the harvest blend because it's made using freshly fermented grapes during our 2019 fall harvest. A nose of plum, black currant, and pumpernickel, and a flavor profile of savory spice, red apple skin, and light tannin that tickles the tongue. 

Estate Sprinkles- Sprinkles is it’s own unique version of a Hazy IPA, call it a true CA Grown Hazy IPA, with a little less haze than the big boys. Woody pine, orange citrus, and kiwi on the nose with a flavor profile of sweet spice and a dried mango finish. 

Estate Biere de Mars- One of our favorite beers, to brew and drink, are Belgians. We mimicked this beer’s historical tradition by brewing it in winter to be enjoyed in spring—hence the name “Biere de Mars” which translates to “March Beer.” Nose of banana, clove, and salted caramel with a flavor profile of artisan rustic bread. 

Fall 2019 Release 

The Mountain- A luscious, complex, and structured Imperial Oatmeal Stout. Aged in one of our very own Rincon Mountain Winery Syrah barrels for 42 days. This barrel-aging process allowed the beer to breath and imparted Syrah characteristics such as chocolate, plum, and a hint of tobacco. 100% Estate.

2019 Estate Pale Ale- This beer showcases this year’s hop harvest-the best we’ve had so far. When crafting this recipe, our focus was to keep it simple. By choosing a Pale Ale, we wanted you to experience the hop profile without being overshadowed by any other additives, and more importantly, taste what we’ve grown from our farm in Paso Robles. 100% Estate.

Wassail- A Wassil is a cocktail enjoyed during the holiday season. A bit of nostalgia played a part in selecting this particular cocktail. Every year for his annual Christmas party, our Brewer’s father, Randolph,  made his version of a wassil bowl using whiskey, cinnamon, and cloves. 

Summer 2019 Release 

Margarita Mama- This cocktail-inspired lager is a vibrant and delightful taste of summer.  A refreshing American Lager featuring fresh lime zest, tequila barrel oak chips, sea salt, and a touch of freshly squeezed estate orange juice on the finish. 

Tropical Thunder- This IPA features Mosaic and Motueka hops throughout the brewing process. These hop varieties are deliciously complementary. This simple, well-balanced IPA is an easy-drinker with plenty of hop complexity.

Dubbel- This beer was inspired by our love of Belgian beer. Our Master Brewer Edward Darren, and his wife Jill, sipped on beer in Bruges when the idea of opening Smoke Mountain Brewery played out in their minds. 

Spring 2019 Release 

Jasmine Wit- This Belgian wheat-based ale, features fresh jasmine flowers harvested from the mountain. This full-bodied beer is bursting with the bright  floral aromas of fresh jasmine blossoms.

Peat Mountain-  This is our first beer release using our Estate peat smoked malt. This mildly peated porter was one of the first recipes we created at the brewery. This version uses all Estate ingredients! A complex nose of coffee, chocolate, and scotch with a smooth and savory finish. 

Orange Lager- A fully Estate Lager laced with fresh Navel orange zest from the mountain. This American lager has a light but malty body with a crisp finish. The aroma has a touch of fresh orange. 

Winter 2019 Release

Estate Fig Leaf-This fully estate pale ale features honey and fig leaves from Rincon Mountain as well as our barley and hops. Fig leaves provide interesting earthy notes of almond and coconut that pair beautifully with the honey collected from our bee boxes here on the mountain.

Estate Harvest Blend- This is our third year making a Harvest Blend but this is our first fully estate Harvest Blend! Each year, we pair a different grape varietal with a style of beer. This year’s Blend is an estate Saison, co-fermented with our Grenache grapes.

The Imperial Fig-An Imperial Oatmeal Stout with 110 pounds of fresh Rincon Mountain figs. This big beer really pushed our system to its limits! The result is a full-bodied, rich, roasty, and mildly spicy stout.   

Fall 2018 Release 

Pumpkin Ale- This is a revival of one of our classics. This is the perfect dessert-beer to share with family and friends during the upcoming holiday season. 55 sugar pumpkins were added to the boil and fine spices, such as cinnamon and vanilla beans, were added during secondary fermentation to create this uber flavorful Pumpkin Ale.

Biscuits and Jam- Inspired by our love for bread and yummy strawberry jam. A Pale English Mild with fresh strawberries.The result is an easy drinking beer that reminds us of visiting Grandma’s house.

Gobble Gobble- The ultimate Thanksgiving beer. A Blonde Ale with honey and fresh rosemary added to the boil and lemon peel added during secondary fermentation. This is truly a food-pairing ale that is meant to be sipped on while eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy... lots of gravy.

Summer 2018 Release 

Anniversary Estate Ale (Barleywine)- Our first fully Estate Smoke Mountain Bottle! All of the barley and hops that went into this beer were grown and harvested by our team; it is a true farm-tobottle beer, showcasing the terroir of the California Central Coast. This dark Barleywine was aged in a Rincon Mtn French Oak barrel. 10% ABV.

The Juice- This IPA style beer marries a complex and boisterous hop profile with a substantial, structured malt base. A refined chaos, if you will. Azacca hops provides hefty servings of tropical fruit goodness which are complicated and balanced by the herbal and floral hop, Loral.6.6% ABV.

Hibiscus IPA- the New Stone Fruit hop variety and 007:The Golden Hop (previously called Idaho 7) in addition to Hibiscus calyxes (seedpod casings) were used to create this red-tinted, slightly tart, tropical, ultra-hydrating IPA. 6.2% ABV.

Spring 2018 Release 

Nightcap Old Fashioned-the first beer of our Nightcap Series: the Old Fashioned. A malty Strong Ale aged in a rye whiskey barrel. Luxardo Maraschino cherries and orange zest added at secondary. 12% ABV.

Picnic Kölsch- this Kölsch-style ale has a unique twist. It is a hybrid blend with 14% Rincon Mountain Syrah Saigniér Rosé, making it a deliciously refreshing summer picnic beer with a subtle pink hue. 8.2% ABV.

The Rare Pear- this wild lager was inspired by Japanese lagers and really good sake. Toasted rice, Estate Pears, and fresh ginger are some of the ingredients you will find in this crisp, refreshing, and very unique lager. 7.5% ABV.

Winter 2018 Release

2017 Harvest Blend-  80% Belgian Quad and 20% 2017 Barbera grapes (from our winery- Rincon Mountain) were co-fermented in the same fermentation vessel to produce this wine/beer hybrid. 13.6% ABV. 

Sai-Sauv- 80% Saison and 20% Sauvignon Blanc grapes (from our winery-Rincon Mountain) were co-fermented in the same fermentation vessel. After fermentation, we aged this beer in one of our oak wine barrels for increased depth in flavor. 6.8% ABV.

VC Fire Crew- this Biere de Garde with cacao nibs is dedicated to the Ventura County Fire Crew and first responders who fought the Thomas Fire the night it swept through our property. 10.6% ABV.

Fall 2017 Release 

Rincon Point Gose- a traditional style Gose using ocean water from Rincon Point. 5.1% ABV.

Coffee Stout- french roasted coffee was used to create this deeply flavored stout. Perfectly paired with a lazy Sunday brunch. 7.2% ABV.

Saison du Vin- a finished beer/wine blend of 80% Saison and 20% Rincon Mountain Viognier Wine. 7.4% ABV.

Summer 2017 Release 

2017 Estate Pale Ale- a traditional style Pale Ale using hops from our very own hopyard. 6.5% ABV. 

Belgian Tripel- elderflowers and star anise were added to this tripel for an extra layer of depth and complexity. 12.4% ABV.

Anniversary Ale- this barley wine aged in bourbon barrels was brewed in celebration of our second anniversary. 16.2% ABV. 

Spring 2017 Release 

Estate Honey Lavender Blonde Ale- we used our own honey and lavender from our farm in this flavorful and hyper local blonde ale. 6.6% ABV.

Citrus Medley White Ale- a traditional white ale brewed with naval, blood, and mandarin oranges all sourced from our farm. 7.3% ABV. 

Biere de Garde - this beer features Palo Santo Wood. The light caramel malt character pairs nicely, but does not overshadow, the unique and minty flavor of the Palo Santo Wood. 12.5% ABV.

Winter 2016 Release 

2016 Harvest Blend- 75% Belgian Quad and 25% 2017 Syrah grapes (from our winery- Rincon Mountain) were co-fermented in the same fermentation vessel to produce this wine/beer hybrid. 11.2% ABV.

Pumpkin Ale- sugar pumpkin meat, ginger root, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla beans are all ingredients used in this delicious ale. In addition, this beer was fermented in an actual pumpkin! 9.2% ABV.

Bavarian Monk- traditional Munich Dunkel was brewed as a tribute to our Brewer's father who sadly passed away during this release. 5.8% ABV.

Fall 2016 Release 

Macadamia Nut Milk Stout- this rich and dark milk stout was brewed using Macadamia Nuts grown on our farm. 7.5% ABV. 

Oktoberfest- tis the season for Oktoberfest. This traditional German Pilsner pays homage to the great German brewers during their celebratory beer drinking season. 6.8% ABV.

Anniversary Ale- in celebration of our one year anniversary, this barleywine aged in bourbon barrels is not meant to be drunk alone! 16.2% ABV.

Summer 2016 Release

"The Red, White, and Blue Shipment"


Blue Gold- this golden ale showcases local organic blueberries. In addition, we used Blue Pea Vine flowers from Thailand to give this beer a deep blue color. 8.6% ABV.

Red XIPA- this IPA includes Red-X malt from Germany, contributing to this beer's beautiful red color. Our Estate hops were used in this recipe. 8.1% ABV.

Saison du Vin- this beer is a wine/beer hybrid consisting of a 77% Saison and 23% Gewurztraminer white wine finished blend. 8.2% ABV.

Spring 2016 Release 

Saison de Citron- we used Meyer lemons from our farm with a hint of black pepper to create this unique and local saison. 6.3% ABV.

White Rose- a Belgian Style White Ale spiced with fresh roses and cardamom. 6.3% ABV.

Biere de Mar- traditionally this beer was brewed during the cold winter months in France/Belgium to be aged and consumed in the spring. We decided to mimic this tradition with the release of this beer. 11.5% ABV.

Winter 2015 Release 

Biere de Noel- this is a traditionally brewed Belgian Farmhouse Christmas Ale is to be enjoyed during the holiday season. 10.2% ABV. 

Peat Smoked Porter- inspired by a recent trip to Scotland, this porter features smoked peat in honor of Scotch Whiskey. 7.5% ABV.

Estate Pale Ale- our first estate beer using our very own hops from our hopyard.6.1% ABV.

Fall 2015 Release 

Honey Lavender Blonde- we used local honey and lavender in this traditional blonde ale. 5.4% ABV.

Double IPA- this traditional IPA is one of the first beers ever brewed at Smoke Mountain. 8.2% ABV. 

Gose- this salty beer was brewed with coriander to add balance to the beer. 4.9% ABV.