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Beer Club


The beer club is our passion. We love being able to create new and delicious concoctions. We don’t ever stick to a specific style of beer. Instead, we constantly explore- tapping into both historic and modern flavor profiles and methods. One common thread in our beer line-up is the utilization of our home-grown ingredients whenever possible. Ingredient balance is something that is extremely important to us and we always do extensive research and development until we have formulated a recipe great enough to release to our beloved club members. To view past beer releases, click here

Beer club members receive a quarterly shipment that includes three exclusive 750 mL bottles of small batch brewed beer. Each new unique beer is produced in batches of only 100-300 bottles.  Members can pick up their bottles at our quarterly “pick-up parties” and enjoy an afternoon at our beautiful coastal farm and tour the brewery. If unable to attend, members can easily have the bottles shipped to their doorsteps. The fee to join is $60/quarter (plus shipping, if needed).



Smoke Mountain Beer Club

Love rare, small-production seasonally produced beer? This is the club for you!